Product Care

Welcome to an exclusive club of finer folk. Garage tinkerers, bikers, welding protégés, on-your-feet-all-day guys, weekend hobbyists... you get the idea. You belong. 

As you know by now, we make premium leather goods. The kind of leather goods you want to care for. Not like you obsessively care for your vintage Pokemon cards, but just a bit of cleaning & conditioning from time to time will really help them last. Don't worry too much about a random mark or scuff - showing a bit of wear over time is normal & encouraged.

Basics of Leather Care

Wet? Dry it.
Dirty? Clean it.
Condition it. 



    Our Leather

    Our leather is full-grain, uncorrected leather, with all the fibers and natural wear from the animal's life (i.e. scrapes, stretches, or brandings). Our master cutters select the appropriate section of the hide for each component of the boot.
    Expect some variation in texture & even coloring - it is natural and untouched. The way we like things.

    Leather Care continued

    We suggest regular wearers clean and condition their boots 4-6 times a year.

    For boot wearers that like to kick around in dirt and mud a lot, we suggest you dry your boots often and be sure to clean and condition them more frequently.

    Clean & Condition
    Have the odd mark and scuff on your boots? Don't worry, this adds to their character and shows that the leather is quality and not fake or painted synthetics. However, if you want that fresh-out-of-the-box look we recommend the following:

    1. Clean
    - Remove dust with a dry horsehair brush, or a dry and clean cloth
    - Remove dirt and build-up from leather with a clean and damp cloth
    - Remove dirt and build-up from welt with a damp q-tip or toothbrush
    - If you need something a little stronger to remove the dirt, try a saddle soap

    2. Condition
    - Apply a conditioner evenly with fingers, adding more to dry areas
    - Follow directions of your chosen wax-based conditioner as needed
    - For extra waterproofing, use mink oil
    - For best results, let stand for several hours in a cedar shoe tree