Product Care

Welcome to an exclusive club of finer folk. Garage tinkerers, biker gangs, spaghetti-western film stars, welding protégés, weekend hobbyists... you get the idea. You belong. 

As you know by now, we make premium leather goods. The kind of leather goods you want to care for. Not like you cared for your Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, but a bit of cleaning & conditioning from time to time will really help them last. Don't worry too much about a random mark or scuff - showing a bit of wear over time is normal & encouraged.

Basics of Leather Care

Wet? Dry it.
Dirty? Clean it.
Dry? Condition it. 

See below for a few pointers on our various products...


Your boots are built to last... assuming you don't let the leather get ruined.
• Clean & condition
• Resole


Your belts is built in a specific way, with Chicago screws instead of single use rivets. Here's a few tips;
• Tighten your buckle
• Lock your buckle in place

Our Leather

Our leather is full-grain, uncorrected leather, with all the fibers and natural wear from the animal’s life. Sometimes this means there could be small, but visible, scrapes, stretches, or brandings. Our master cutters select the appropriate section of the hide for each component of the boot knowing this fact about our leather.
Expect some variation in texture & even coloring - it is natural and untouched. The way we like things.