Inspired from a life of adventure - on the road and at home.  A year-round staple for blazing your own trail.

  • Fairfax Boot; A tall & sturdy boot. Classically styled with brogue detailing and a cap-toe. This stylish & durable boot also has an emphasis on support with 3 high-ankle padding details.
  • Shiloh Boot; An all-purpose boot with both a mid and high-rise feel. Designed with both style & comfort at the forefront, it pulls inspiration from street style & athletic footwear without compromising its boot roots.


Wear your boot as you will. Beat them up or take extra care. Post photos and tag or hashtag @wilcoxboots and #wilcoxboots to be a part of our community. We're always looking to repost our favorite fan photos!


The idea for WILCOX Boots started years ago in my mind, but really unfolded over the last couple. After watching and wondering about footwear from the sidelines, the rubber finally hit the road one summer on a motorcycle tour just south of Mexico. A heavy storm forced us to pull over in a small town known for its long history with boots & leather goods. That pit-stop was the beginning of a long road to create a strong & stylish classic boot. 

After 6 months of designing & tweaking, I was ready to put my work out there. In selecting where to produce, I wanted to work where there was a long history of small & large capacity production with local access to all materials needed for our boots. Our boots are designed & distributed in the United States and made in León, Mexico with components from both countries - truly a North American brand. We stand behind our boots and our production team. We have worked with them for several years - a family-run shop that has been in the industry for over 65 years.

Why León? It has the largest footwear industry in the western hemisphere.
In selecting where to produce, we wanted to work where there was a long history of large capacity production with local access to of our all materials. With the exception of our insoles, which are made in Connecticut, our materials are all made within a 5 mile radius of our production facility. León is known as "the footwear capital of the world" and is the heart of footwear in North America. Producing from this important center allows us to build premium boots without any constraints. Additionally this means none of the materials are shipped overseas and our carbon footprint is very local. 

Having worked, traveled, studied & volunteered throughout North America for over a decade, one of our goals was to bring together the design, materials, skills, & economies of scale from our great continent. With this collaboration, we've built a quality brand that produces excellent products without going overseas. 

The future? Like most things in life, the beginning was bumpy and we're still rough around the edges, but I'm proud to say we are a living & breathing brand finding our footing. We wouldn't be here without support from boot enthusiasts all over the world. Over 3,000 customers from 27 countries and counting! Thank you!