What are Chicago Screws?

Chicago Screws? I know what you are thinking. Are they dangerous? Perhaps if you swallow them, or you step on them in a Home Alone type situation. Generally there’s nothing to worry about, unlike the city whose name they share. There's no chance you will get shot by Chicago Screws. 

Why Chicago Screws?  

Reason 1: Anyone can tighten them.
If you have a flat head screwdriver you’re good. Hell, I’ve tightened them with edge of a butter knife or the key to my house. 

Reason 2: They give you the flexibility to easily swap out a belt buckle.
Maybe you inherited a quality buckle with a storied past from your Gramps. Maybe gold isn’t your color and you want something different. Or maybe you have a large belt buckle you use to compensate for a small… actually, I would think the nature of the location and its proximity would provide a negative forced perspective… maybe a really small belt buckle would be a better option? The point is, we’ve given you the freedom to do what you want. 


Chicago screws can loosen over time, so make sure you keep em tight by following the steps below...