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Thomas R (Streamwood, US)
Get off the fence!

These boots are super comfortable with minimal break in period if you do it right. I personally put on thicker socks and wore them around the house for 30 minutes of walking, and wearing them 2 times and that’s all it took. I have two pairs of Fairfax boots, one in black and one in rust. I also have a pair of rust Shiloh boots and they are all very well made, comfortable look great and will last you for years to come. Without sounding like I work for Wilcox, buy them!! (I don’t work for or have any affiliation with Wilcox.)

I forgot to mention, I have a pair of brown Kerns on the way!

Tyler Jackson (Chicago, US)
Best boot ever!

After thousands of motorcycle miles and countless hikes, these boot have held up and are still my go to boot for any adventure.

Raymond Seballos (Strongsville, US)
Very comfortable

I really like this boot and it is very comfortable. It fits true to size. I have very skinny feet so I have to lace them up fairly tightly. My only suggestion would be to put some padding on the tongue of the shoe. However, I can wear them all day in jeans or dress pants.

Scott Buck (South Saint Paul, US)
6 years down, plenty to go!

For the last 6 years I've worn these around the streets of urban and suburban Minneapolis, MN mostly in the winter months for work & play. They've been quite comfortable and stylish. (Although the pull loops on the black pair interfere with the way my jeans or slacks hang!). Over the past year I was wearing them less frequently as walking with hard soles on concrete and asphalt had become a bit painful for my knees and heels. Rather than give up on them, I chose to replace the inner soles with some that had more cushion and thickness to them. Bam! What a difference! They are much more comfortable. Then, about two weeks ago, I took a week's vacation to Northeastern Minnesota and wore these boots every day. Hiking or bumming around the campsite on the edge of the wilderness I have never owned boots that perform as wonderfully as these. So very comfortable! Up and down hills and over rocks the tread and the ankle support were tremendous. Mind you this state is in a serious drought right now so I could not test them in mud or rain on this trip but I think the past experience with snow is sufficient. These are terrific boots. They're great around town and absolutely stellar when taken off road. I'm looking forward to using them more off road in the future. I think the tread has a few more years left on them. Thanks Wilcox for some fabulous footwear!

Jim Jaworek (Loveland, US)
All Purpose

These boots are great! Not heavy and bulky but yet rugged and durable.

Dan Gill (Edwardsville, US)
Great boots

A high quality bolt boot. Very comfortable and looks good too. Started as a Sunday boot but soon became the ones I choose thru the week. 2nd pair I’ve had and am not disappointed in any way. There service department it top notch.

Ash (San Antonio, US)

I had some initial problems with the first pair I bought and let me say the customer service is better than 99% of the companies I have ran across. I got my replacement boots in and am smitten. I won't say they are my new favorite pair of shoes but pretty close. Comfortable as heck. It didn't take but maybe a week to get them broken in to where they didn't kill me to wear all day. That being said I don't like when I'm not wearing them. Looking forward to seeing how they wear in the next few months and years. I couldn't wait to get them out of the box.

Daniel P Toomey
3 years Later

I liked the toe cap on the Fairfax so took a chance. Wore daily to work office/field. 90/10. Wear on motorcycle. Re-soled heal still going strong. Very Comfortable, right out of the box. And I still have all the lacing hooks. Great value and quality.

John demmink (Belleville, US)
Nice boots

I like the boots a lot. They fit really well( size 12) I was worried they wouldn’t be narrow enough but they are just right, I have narrow feet and generally boots are too wide. They took about 4 or 5 seatings to break them in, but are now quite comfortable. Really good looking with casual clothing.I really like the size of the loops at the back to pull the boots on, you can get a finger in them, which I’ve never seen before.Two things I wish were better. 1. The quick loops at the top are sharp and are cutting my laces. 2. I wish the soles were a harder material, I have to have mine resoled, the area under the ball of my foot has worn smooth and the back of the heel is wearing fast. If it was just the lacing issue I’d give them 5, but I’m pretty disappointed in how quickly the sole material has worn out.

Ur R (Elizabeth, US)
Good work boots

I thought looking at the boots they would be a bit too stiff but once worn it didn’t talks long to get used to them. Wore them all day and didn’t not have my feet hurt at the end of the day. Feel bad on the abuse they will get because they are great looking boots.

Nº 23 Standard Issue
Shamar Hamilton (Antioch, US)
Fantastic Wallet!

This really is the best wallet I've ever had. It isn't bulky and it has just enough space for what I need to put in my wallet and nothing more. It is sturdy and really well made. I call it my minimalist debt free wallet. :) Meaning there's no need to carry tons of cash or cards...just the one or two simple things you need.

Ryan Taylor-Teets (Encino, US)
Quality & Comfort

These boots are awesome. First, they are crafted in fine materials and made with quality construction. They are made to take a beating and last. The insoles are comfortable and easy to wear all day. Plus since they are real leather, they clean up nicely and you can wear them out at night. The size and fit is great. I wear a size 11 in Converse Chuck Taylor’s, and found that an 11.5 in the Fairfax was the best fit. I’ve had my first pair for several years and recently purchased another because I wanted them in black too. Highly recommended!!

Nº 23 Standard Issue
James H (Mt. Pleasant, US)
3 yrs strong

I got the natural tan and I like how it gets a nice patina over time. It's been perfect for me as I prefer a slim wallet and don't like to carry lots of junk.

Classic, well-made, no complaints. You can see the original color when I open the wallet, it's much darker over time which is standard for natural vegetable tanned leather.

The 1.25" Belt
Rob Miller (Avondale, US)

I bought a belt for work. I find that I wear it all of the time. It is a good quality belt. I did change out the gold buckle to a silver one. I wish that was an option when ordering.

Gregory Moore (Naples, US)
Great fit. Use on Harley would like to see a WP boot.

Sizing little small in width go with wide. Own 3 pairs

evelio riveea (Menlo Park, US)

These boots . Are what they say they are, I've work building swimming pools,and believe me. These boots are super durable... they're good for work or just to wear casually .. I've been wearing them for a while now. As work boots. 🤔 Did wore them a few times before deciding to take them at work..
When i bought them i first thought i was being scammed 🤣🤣 but than 😳 i was contacted by the customer service team 🤣 and said they were on the Way . Now .

Serg (Des Plaines, US)
8 out of 10

Are the boots high quality? Yes, they are. What’s wrong with my boots then? As many reviewers here say, the boots tend to be on the smaller side. I ordered size 9.5 as that’s my usual size but the boots feel tight. When I first got them I thought I had to walk around a few times, maybe it was my feet.. i wanted them to feel comfortable, I wanted to want them but after a used them a few days I realize that perhaps I should have ordered a size 10 instead :(

Like I said the boots themselves are perfect. The online buying process not so good as one cannot try different sizes before handing over nearly $300… nothing beats in-store buying. What I would recommend is to maybe buy 2 or 3 pairs, choose which one you’re really comfortable with and return the other two. Online purchasing failed me this time.

S. M. (Hilliard, US)
My Favorite boot

I believe I have now owned these boots for over two years (maybe three). I bought them on sale as a "Factory seconds" boot, meaning it may have blemishes or discoloration. When I got them I thought they looked great. I also have metal in my left foot making it difficult to buy shoes. I wear an 11-11.5, with my left foot being wider then my right. These fit great, leaving good room in the toe box. I purchased a size 11.5. I use them riding my motorcycle (hence the dark toe on the left boot), winter use (everyday), and for work (all winter, most of spring and Fall, some summer. I do a lot of driving, in and out of shops, repair facilities, municipalities, etc..). I oil them usually twice a year (I believe they have been oiled 3 or 4 times, it is probably time again) . They have not torn or pulled apart, and there is still a bit of rubber on the soles. I feel I have not been easy on these and they are still just as comfortable as new. I still wear them on a regular basis (like today). Great boot.

Zachary Duty (Durant, US)
Closet full of Wilcox

Currently on my 4th pair, I have the first two pairs that are barely hanging onto life for mowing and trail riding. I have been gifted two pairs. Have referred my buddys whom all love them as well!
I’ve definitely seen the progression in comfort and upgraded laces and quality insoles. They do start to tear apart and breakdown after a year but I’m pretty damn rough on boots… pic is my current pair on my feet as we speak about 7 months in… Wilcox should be paying me and sending me new designs for all the marketing I’ve done !!!

Bob Hilton (Walkertown, US)
Best boots ever

I was skeptical with these boots but purchased them anyway. Boy that was the best chance taken all year! Like walking on a cloud, soft and great quality. Like them so much I also purchased them in black.

Nº 23 Standard Issue
Mark W (Monument, US)
paper money doesn't fit!

I was excited to get this wallet because I love my Wilcox boots, but the wallet won't hold US paper money.

The good: The wallet is high quality leather, great color, perfect stitching, holds credit cards + ID, and looks like it will last forever. I was hoping it would.

The bad: I cannot fold this wallet with paper money inside like shown on the website. The height of a dollar is taller than half of the wallet, so when I fold the wall, the top of the bills get folded over. I've tried both slots, and get the same results as in the pictures below. It's like it was made just a 1/4" to small or something.

If you all think I got a defective wallet, I'm absolutely open to a swap for one that works.

Thanks for the review, Mark! You're right - cash can be a bit clunky in the wallet. We have mocked up some 'bill folds' that we may release in the future, but nothing at the moment.

These wallets are designed as minimalist wallets primarily for cards. You can still use them with cash if you fold it one more time OR insert the folded cash the other direction where it sticks out longer and just folds with the natural crease of the wallet. Hope that explains the Why, and gives you an option to still use with cash, if you please.

Jon Stewart (Smithtown, US)
So far so good

A better upgrade than the last pair that I had which was probably three years ago that being said I’m a biker so I ride so you’re gonna see a little damage to the inside and outside of the actual shoe it takes a while to break in but once they break and they fit nicely a little bit of discomfort on the heel whether you lace them tightly or not it just takes a little bit for that to happen the inside of the shoe is markedly better craftsmanship than before. like I said so far so good

Paul Wheatley (Nashotah, US)
Beautiful boots, amazing price

These boots are value-priced service boots with a Dainite-like rubber sole and solid goodyear welt construction. Wilcox includes features like a full calfskin lining that you would expect on higher-end boots, but for a significantly lower price than many other boot makers. The leather is beautiful and has a smooth, waxy finish that almost feels like a Shell. It breaks in quickly, and hints at a lovely patina that will develop as the lighter leather in the core shows through. I haven’t seen another leather like this, and I love it. These might be the best value service boot you could find. Highly recommended.

John Puls (Crystal Lake, US)
Great Boot

I have had the Shiloh boot for about 90 days. Super short breakin period a couple wears. They are really comfortable wear them at work on my feet all day and feet aren’t that tired. They go with business and casual attire. Great buy will definitely consider another pair.

Craig Redinger (Richland, US)
6 pair

Can you tell I love these boots. My first Shiloh's have been re-soled twice and the patina is the best. I put them on more times a month than all the other's combined. The Kern's are a great comfortable casual city hiker for me, and go great with jeans or shorts. My newer Shiloh's and my Fairfax are great for the boot look and are substantial for a scooter ride.
If you only buy one pair or all, just do it you will be happy.