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Shiloh - Matte Black
J. (Portland, US)
I Love These Boots

I just bought my second pair of Wilcox boots. I now have a black pair and a brown pair. They’re incredibly well built with the best materials. Rugged, comfortable, and stylish, they have it all.

Kern - Black & Black
Rich B. (Lincoln, US)
A black friday steal!

First time ordering from Wilcox. I chose my usual size and they were a comfortable fit from the start. For me, they fit best with thick socks. Now, after wearing for a few days they feel like I've worn them for a long time. Very comfortable. I'm glad I can resole these and keep wearing them for years.

Kern - Black & Black
David Martin (Edmonds, US)
Great boots…

Tough, good looking and comfortable. I bought a second pair for going out.

Shiloh - Rust Brown
Matthew Bills (Boston, US)
Exceptional Quality

The Wilcox Shiloh boot is exactly what I needed for when I want to clean up nice after a hard day at work or going out for the evening. They look fantastic, are light weight and rugged enough to be worn for work purposes, but they just look too nice for you to want to get them dirty! Very comfortable and can be worn out anywhere if you are a workboot kind of guy!

Kern - Black & Black
Hector B. (North Hollywood, US)

I've struggled for so long to find shoes not even just boots that fit my chunky feet.
Stylish ✓
I've had a problem with really sweaty feet for a long time and combining these with merino wool socks from Costco and a little oder eaters has completely changed the game for me. The leather on these boots are so soft and comfortable I've already planned to buy a few more to have on rotation.

Fairfax - Matte Black
Richard Soto (Philadelphia, US)

Great boots for going out on the town, riding my motorcycle, and now I use my 6 year old pair in these pictures for work. I’m an excavator and now it’s really hot outside… I’ve started to wear these for a cooler alternative to my usual pair of watertight hiking boots. Very comfortable. Little too fancy for my type of work but since they are pretty old…I figured what do I have to loose. I definitely got my moneys worth out of this pair. My new ones are pretty much identical except for some slight changes company has made. I’m sure I’ll get years out of my new pair.

Not as comfy as my first pair…but still a great pair of boots.

I bought these to replace a pair of fairfax boots i bought several years ago and simply wore them out. These seem to be a bit more narrow than my last pair and the leather is nice, but taking longer to break in. Over all for the price of these boots you can’t beat the quality and comfort.

Kern - Brown & Black
Jeff K. (Phoenix, US)
Walking on clouds!

I’ve got the Kern in brown with black soles and black with black soles. Super comfy right outta da box! No break-in required. Roomy toebox for heavier socks. I put a set of @generationlaces on both pairs and they were perfect! Definitely recommended.

Kern - Black & Black
Wilcox does it again!

I purchased a pair of Kerns for work after owning 2 pairs of Wilcox Fairfax, 1 black, 1 brown, which are my everyday go to outside of work. I found the Kern to be a little roomier in fit, very comfy, and the leather incredibly durable. I’ve delivered bread for 35 years and this job is surprisingly hard on shoes, usually the toes get chewed up from kicking around stacks of bread, a month in and they’re still flawless! I put in anywhere from 10,000 - 15,000 steps in a day and my feet have new life! I’ve always bought high quality shoes/boots especially for work, these are a game changer!
Things that can be improved upon:
Hook eyelets on the top two.
A bigger pull strap, I can’t hook my finger in there.

When it comes time to re-sole these, I will have the shoe cobbler put in bigger straps & hook eyelets.
Love these boots!

CloudCush™ Plush Insole
Guy Wilcox (Afton, US)
Renewed comfort

These insoles are a great way to restore the comfort of your Wilcox boot. I have a first Gen version of the Shiloh and the insoles were pretty worn out. No I don’t own the company. My name just happens to be Wilcox. Still waiting on the family discount :-)

Wilcox Shoelaces
Dean (Santa Cruz, US)
Good laces

Good sturdy laces as advertised. Perfect length for the Shiloh etc. but a bit long for Century so I had to cut them and make a new aglet.

Wilcox Boots

I love my Wilcox boots this is my second pair of these boots and I'm still wearing the first pair! Best boots I've ever worn

Shiloh - Matte Black
Denbigh Cherry (Martindale, US)
Wilcox boots are this Texan's boot of choice!

I bought a pair of brown Shiloh boots about 5 years ago, and they have been my absolute favorite shoe to wear since then. I recently decided that I needed a black pair as well, so I ordered a pair in the Shiloh design. I'm not sure what they did, but Wilcox has made this design even better than before!! Super comfy, durable, and they look incredible! I've gotten a number of compliments on them, and everytime I wear them, I feel like it's going to be a great day. I'm a full time musician, so I need to have shoes that both look good and feel good. Wilcox boots deliver! Most of my fellow Texans love their cowboy boots, but I'm a little different, and Wilcox fits my style perfectly. Thank you for crafting an outstanding boot!

Kern - Brown & Black
Jeff Kowell (Englewood, US)

The Kern. Super comfortable right out of the box! Roomy toebox and cushy soles. This pair is a keeper!

Kern - Black & Black
Marc A Roland (Indianapolis, US)
Excellent comfort

I have wore a lot of boots! These provide excellent comfort. Wilcox found the perfect balance between casual dress and comfort. I even bought a second pair.

Shiloh - Rust Brown
Glenn (Kelowna, CA)
High quality leather boot

Masculine, high quality leather boots that go well with any casual winter outfits.

Still breaking them in as I feel friction at the heel, but gradually becoming more comfortable especially with thicker socks.

Fits true to size, and since I have a wider size E foot they also work well.

Kern - Black & Black
Carlos Gomez (Oceanside, US)
More comfortable than most of my sneakers!

These boots are great!

Bought these as an alternative to dress shoes. They look great with slacks, jeans , or khakis.

Very comfortable out of the box and fit like a glove a week after daily wear!

Kern - Brown & Black
R.R. (San Diego, US)
Best boots ever

I came from Leon where the boots are made and I used to do boots when I was a teenager this is a good quality

Shiloh - Rust Brown
Mister Art (Singapore, SG)
Well made...

I am an art teacher and I was looking for a rugged boot that would take a beating and provide all day comfort. My classroom is made out of concrete so being on my feet for 10-12 hours a day adds up. The quality of the construction is great, it did take about a week to break in. I ordered a 1/2 size down from my normal shoe size and at 11.5 they fit well. They are comfortable to wear all day and even more so once broken in.
The only reason why I am not giving 5 stars is because they leave marks on my floor at work. Perhaps it is the coating of the concrete or the quality of the rubber on the boot, who knows. But I was a little disappointed that the sole was marking the floor.
Overall they are a great boot and I look forward to seeing how they hold up at the end of the school year. Pictures are of the first couple of weeks of wear.

Kern - Brown & Black
V.l. (Flushing, US)
Kern boots

As soon as I put them on they felt comfortable, still need a little breaking in but comfortable enough to wear right out of the box.

Shiloh - Rust Brown
Hutch Del Rosario (Los Angeles, US)
Comfortable and great looking boots!

I love this boots! Very comfortable and great looking boots. Really looks nice with casual pants and jeans. I mainly got it for riding my moto and I find it that you can wear it anywhere! Looks rugged and casual. A little on the warm side during summer. Markings on the left boot are from my motorcycle clutch.

Kern - Brown & White
John P. (Philadelphia, US)
Big fan!!

I’ve had them 3 weeks and so far am very pleased. They were a little snug at first but are forming nicely to my foot. At first I wished I had ordered a half size larger but now think they would have been to big. These are very comfortable to walk in.

Fairfax - Rust Brown
Jeff K. (Phoenix, US)
Comfy, but dry…and…

My Fairfax’s are very comfortable out of the box! No need for break-in! BUT…the boot leather was really dry when I received them. I put a coating of Huberd’s Shoe Grease on them and now they’re fine. AND…the shoelaces on these boots were flimsy, so were the ones on my Shilohs. Replaced both pair.

Kern - Black & Black
Dave Lewis (Cincinnati, US)
Great Boots

I have bought and wear many high-end boots over the years. These Wilcox Boots rate as good or better than many. I had knee surgery and my surgeon suggested a flat sole boot. My Wilcox Kerns fit the bill and provided the needed support and comfort. This is my second pair of Wilcox and currently waiting on my third pair.

Century - Brown
Dean (Santa Cruz, US)
Incredibly comfortable

I have had these boots since December and have worn them nearly every day since. They were comfortable out of the box but as they have broken in it’s just gotten better. The wear and patina on the boot is beautiful, the construction is sturdy, and they are so lightweight (for boots). I have pretty flat feet and often have foot pain—but not in these boots.