Taking care of your boots is easy, but important. We'll assume that you have all learned how to properly care for a motor vehicle so I'll be referencing that shared knowledge as a comparison.

You know the story, after a long weekend in the wilds of nature you find yourself rejuvenated, but your vehicle is filthy. You head over to the carwash and find yourself staring at a menu of service packages ranging from the "Junior Basic" to the "Super Elite Plus Mega 5000." What do you do? It really depends on a number of factors: how filthy was your weekend? when was the last carwash? when was the last time you did everything in the top tier?

Below you'll find a photo series of our "Super Elite Plus Mega 5000" equivalent,  although we call it the "Ultra Super Elite Plus Mega 5000 Pro".

Let's get started

We'll be cleaning the entire boot, conditioning the upper chrome-tanned leather, and conditioning the veg-tanned leather welt and sole.