Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue
Nº 23 Standard Issue

Nº 23 Standard Issue

  • Full-grain veg-tanned leather
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christian (Washougal, US)
Awesome aging wallet

There are some inconsistencies in the wallet’s shape but if you get the tan color, and you fill it with cards, it will age beautifully. Much like some of the other reviews. I only deducted a star because of the inconsistency of the shape, otherwise a great minimal wallet.

Shamar Hamilton (Antioch, US)
Fantastic Wallet!

This really is the best wallet I've ever had. It isn't bulky and it has just enough space for what I need to put in my wallet and nothing more. It is sturdy and really well made. I call it my minimalist debt free wallet. :) Meaning there's no need to carry tons of cash or cards...just the one or two simple things you need.

James H (Mt. Pleasant, US)
3 yrs strong

I got the natural tan and I like how it gets a nice patina over time. It's been perfect for me as I prefer a slim wallet and don't like to carry lots of junk.

Classic, well-made, no complaints. You can see the original color when I open the wallet, it's much darker over time which is standard for natural vegetable tanned leather.

Mark W (Monument, US)
paper money doesn't fit!

I was excited to get this wallet because I love my Wilcox boots, but the wallet won't hold US paper money.

The good: The wallet is high quality leather, great color, perfect stitching, holds credit cards + ID, and looks like it will last forever. I was hoping it would.

The bad: I cannot fold this wallet with paper money inside like shown on the website. The height of a dollar is taller than half of the wallet, so when I fold the wall, the top of the bills get folded over. I've tried both slots, and get the same results as in the pictures below. It's like it was made just a 1/4" to small or something.

If you all think I got a defective wallet, I'm absolutely open to a swap for one that works.

Thanks for the review, Mark! You're right - cash can be a bit clunky in the wallet. We have mocked up some 'bill folds' that we may release in the future, but nothing at the moment.

These wallets are designed as minimalist wallets primarily for cards. You can still use them with cash if you fold it one more time OR insert the folded cash the other direction where it sticks out longer and just folds with the natural crease of the wallet. Hope that explains the Why, and gives you an option to still use with cash, if you please.


Decent but had a weird pattern on it from where the sticker from the packaging made it wear funny. One of the last things I will order from Wilcox

Mark Montimurro (Verona, US)
Mixed feelings, unfortunately :(

The Wilcox No 23 standard issue is well made, handsome and sleek. But to call this a wallet is a tad misleading. It is at best a pouch suitable as an 'alternative' when your regular wallet is not needed. Grab that debit card, the driver's license and maybe one more form of i.d., and fold some bills into it, and that's about it. ... (I feel kinda bad with this debbie downer review, because my Wilcox boots are the finest I've ever owned. So apologies for the negativity, just callin 'em likes I sees 'em, is all)...