We make premium staples that keep you on firm ground in a wide range of environments.


We have a deep respect & appreciation for the past and its pivotal construction methods, styles, and innovators. We add a touch of modern only where necessary.


Every detail of our products is researched, poured over, and continually tweaked until we’re satisfied. While sometimes we wish we had a few more boot styles available for our customers, we are intentional & take our time.


We design & develop boots through a utilitarian lens - nothing should be overly specific to a certain environment. Much like the dual-sport class of enduro motorcycles made for road or off-road - on the town or on the trail. We prefer a cross-trainer to a running shoe.


"Adapt or die." Despite a long list of proven methods, materials, and processes, heritage footwear isn’t immune to the need to adapt. We pride ourselves on carefully maintaining the foundations of premium Goodyear welted boots, while adapting fine-tuned components to add comfort & longevity.