Upcoming & Requested Products

We're constantly designing, prototyping, and testing new boots.

As we receive significant requests for certain styles, we take that into consideration when planning our release schedules for the coming seasons.

Chelsea Boot

We have prototyped various versions of chelsea style boots, with the goal of making it available to the public sometime next year. We anticipate releasing this style with 2 sole options (like the Kern and the Baker). One of the styles will become a staple boot (meaning it should be available for purchase year-round).

Pull-On Boot

We have prototyped several different versions of pull-on (roper style) boots, and are looking forward to releasing versions next year. Whichever version is most popular, will become a staple boot available year-round. Other versions of a pull-on boot may be available for limited releases after that.

Safety Toe Boot

We have received significant interest in releasing a safety toe version of our boots (i.e. steel toe, comp toe). We have prototyped more than a dozen pull-on boots with a composite safety toe, and hope to have something ready for the public in the second half of 2022.

Slip-On Casual

Another highly requested product has been casual footwear for after hours. We have designed & tested some sandals, slippers, and mules and expect one of them to be released in Summer 2022. 

Chukka Boot

Of the various styles we're looking at developing, this style is lowest on the list. However, we will probably be designing & testing some prototypes in the latter part of this year, and releasing in 2023. We anticipate the Chukka boot being a seasonal boot, available for limited releases each year.