Our Goods

We make stuff for you, to do stuff.

By now you've noticed our stuff is a little different. Wilcox products are made with premium materials, blending classic design & modern comfort. 

Our Brand

We take pride in where we & our products come from. We don’t settle on methods or materials, and are confident you will appreciate the level of workmanship.

The western states are known for their great outdoors & varying conditions. We find it ideal to design & test our products in Utah’s rocky mountains. León, Mexico is internationally known as the leather-working capital of the world, and is the heart of footwear in North America. With the exception of our footbed (Connecticut) and our leathers (which come from US-raised cattle), our materials are all made in León, within a 5 mile radius of our factory. This allows us to ensure high quality materials for each product, and a close connection to our suppliers. Our product doesn't travel overseas, leaving a carbon footprint that is very local and focused on the long-term benefit of each partner in the process.

The Future

There wouldn't be one without the support of over 30,000 worldwide customers in over 30 countries. Thank you for supporting Wilcox to this point... this is just the beginning.