We're back. "Out of stock" be damned!

2,314: # of emails asking when we'll have more sizes back in stock
16: # of months since our last production run of boots
: # of factories we interviewed in the last 2 years 
8: # of factories we sampled & prototyped with in the last 2 years
As you've probably heard by now, we've completely rebuilt our Shiloh boot, the crowd-pleaser, and also released the Kern boot, an all-new utility boot with a featherweight foam wedge sole. If not, feel free to read the details, or just trust me when I say they're everything you've come to expect in Wilcox boots with an improved fit and more premium materials. Many of you have asked for new styles, colors, or more sizes, and we've been hard at work behind the scenes. Starting with these releases, we will begin expanding our footwear line even more, as you've always expected. 

Equally important to the new styles and recrafting of a fan favorite is the fact that we have a new premier manufacturing partner who was selected after 2 years of rigorous review process, including in-depth and in-person reviews of each phase of their development and manufacturing process - from materials inspection, pattern making, production line safety, employee satisfaction & retention, quality control processes, and management involvement. For each production facility we interviewed and prototyped with, this consisted of weeks to months of in-person and ongoing contact. 

Why did we do this? We value quality. We value giving our customers what they pay for.

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