The Wilcox (HI)Story

Inspired From a life of
adventure - On the road and at home

The idea started years ago in my mind, but unfolded over the last few. I had always searched for a boot with simple style and the comfort of a casual shoe. I never found it.

One summer I found myself motorcycling south of Mexico, sidelined by a rainstorm. I was forced to stop off in a small town. As luck would have it, this was no ordinary place. This small leatherworking town - or bump in the road - was where the urge to produce a better boot found roots.

After half a year of designing and prototyping, I sought out a new production facility to get better materials & more craftsmen. I chose León, Mexico, for its long history of shoemaking & leatherworking. I partnered with industry experts and a family-run shop, building shoes for over 65 years. This partnership is now in its fourth year.

Invented nearly 150 years ago, and still considered one of the finest methods of shoe construction, the Goodyear Welt provides a sure foundation. At your local cobbler of choice, your boots can be resoled over & over again to add years to the life of your boot.

From the 100% full-grain leather to the shock-absorbing footbed, every material and finish has been tried and tested until we landed on a product we can stand by. We haven't settled on a single material, and are confident you will appreciate the level of craftsmanship.


North American-Made

Designed, tested, & distributed from Utah's rocky mountains. Manufactured in León, Mexico.
León, Mexico is internationally known as the footwear capital of the world and is the heart of footwear in North America. With the exception of our footbed, made up north in Connecticut, our materials are all made within a 5 mile radius of our shop in León. This allows us to ensure high quality materials for each component, and maintain a close connection to all our nearby suppliers. No materials are sourced or shipped overseas, creating a carbon footprint that is very local and focused on the long-term benefit of each partner in the process.

The Future

There wouldn't be one without the support of over 8,000 Worldwide customers in over 29 countries and counting. Thank you for following Wilcox on our journey - and to our new customers, Welcome to the family!

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