Leather Care


Leather is the result of tanning raw animal skin, making it more durable and less susceptible to decomposition processes.

Our leather is full-grain, uncorrected leather, with all the fibers and natural wear from the animal's life (i.e. scrapes, stretches, & brandings). Our master cutters aim to select the right piece of the hide for each piece of the boot. Expect some variation in texture & even coloring - it is natural and untouched. The way we like things.

Caring for your boots starts with keeping your leather clean to prevent dirt buildup, and water or salt damage. Ideally, you'll condition your leather as you feel it's getting dry; 4-6 times a year for regular wearers. If you wear your boots regularly in harsh conditions, clean and condition more regularly.

Resist the desire to clean or condition obsessively, as too much conditioning can create an undesirable look, soften the leather too much, and cause quicker build-up of polish & dirt.


  • Remove dust with a dry horsehair brush, or a dry & clean cloth
  • Remove dirt & build-up from leather with a clean & damp cloth
  • Remove dirt & build-up from welt with a damp q-tip or toothbrush
  • If not thoroughly cleaned, the conditioner you apply will trap the dirt and speed up the leather's deterioration


  • Clean your leather boots before conditioning, as directed above
  • Apply conditioner evenly with fingers, adding more to dry areas
  • Follow directions of your chosen wax-based conditioner as needed
  • For best results, let stand for several hours in a cedar shoe tree