Leather Care


Leather is the result of tanning raw animal skin, making it more durable and less susceptible to decomposition processes. Our leather is full-grain, meaning it is an uncorrected leather, with all the fibers and natural wear from the animal's life.

Caring for your leather starts with keeping it clean to prevent dirt buildup & water or salt damage. Ideally, you'll condition your leather as you feel it's getting dry. If you wear your boots regularly in harsh conditions, clean them often & condition after 6-10 wears. In better conditions, you can wait til about 20 wears, give or take a few. Don't get obsessive, as too much conditioning can create an undesirable look, soften the leather too much, & cause quicker build-up of polish & dirt.

Below is a general introduction to caring for your leather boots. There are more detailed guides around the internet for anyone looking to get more extreme.


  • Find a soft & clean cloth & add a touch of water
  • Remove dirt from your boots with your damp cloth
  • Dust your boots with a different, dry & clean cloth
  • If not thoroughly cleaned, the conditioner you apply will trap the dirt and speed up the leather's deterioration


  • Follow the directions of your chosen wax-based conditioner
  • Apply in small amounts with your fingers to dry areas
  • Let stand for 15-20 minutes

Polish (if desired)

We recommend a neutral polish, so as to not change the finish of your boots.

  • Follow the directions of your chosen polish
  • Apply in small amounts with a soft & clean cloth
  • Buff the show with a horsehair brush, in left to right motions
  • Swiftly polish with a soft & clean cloth to bring out a high luster
  • Let stand for several hours in a cedar shoe tree

Keep in Mind

  • Remove the excess polish from your boots every 3-6 months, then condition & rebuild
  • Clean the welt of your boots from time to time (try a damp q-tip)