Versatile boots for any day of the week.



"I've been wearing these boots to work about half-time for 3 years now. They're comfortable, fit as expected, and are severely rugged. I broke a shoelace once - no other problems of any kind."

Mario V.



"Easily my favorite boots! They're very comfortable right out of the box and it just gets better! I walk ~10 miles a day in these no problem. I have them in both colors. Wilcox has the best customer service & really stands behind their products!"

Dean K.


CloudCush Comfort System

"Wow!!! The quality, fit and materials are unmatched. I’m so thrilled. Over the past year I’ve bought a ton of shoes/boots and Wilcox is unquestionably at the top of the list. Now I need the flat black. Well worth the money."

John O.

"Fantastic boots. I would love to pick up a few more pairs... but never in stock! Please make more." 

Marc C.

"I have gotten so many compliments about my boots. Please keep doing what you are doing and keep the quality the same. My father worked in the Leather business for 50 years - I showed him the boots & he instantly approved. Thanks!!"

Mike G.

"These boots are not only beautiful they are extremely comfortable! Very happy, thank you very much!"

Aaron W.

"Been a couple years now since I first bought a pair of your boots. Ordered my 2nd pair now as I enjoyed the first pair of boots. Leather construction and selection seems improved inside and out; the inner leather is even softer this time around and it looks like a bit more was done to soften the feel even more." 

Cody J.

"Hey guys! Love these boots to death. Most comfortable boot I own, and I own A LOT. You guys really hit the mark with an affordable, comfortable, fashionable boot. My Fryes like these were triple the cost and triple less comfortable!" 

Chase F.

"Amazing boots! None of my other boots compare to the comfort - before & after they're broken in. Plus I've got more compliments on these than any other pair of shoes I've ever owned, combined. Which is a great ego boost! Keep up the great work, my feet and ego would greatly appreciate it! 5 out of 5!" 

Dave Q.